• Description

This trainer has been designed to study the thermodynamic cycle of an ice maker.

The evaporator is equipped with some special profi les onto which water is sprayed by a set of nozzles.

Thus the evaporator is always covered by an ever growing ice layer.

When ice is made, a timer stops the water spraying and hot gas is sent to the evaporator so that ice cubes can fall into the proper basin. Ice production capacity varies according to the effi ciency of the cycle that depends on the environmental conditions.

• Studying the operation of an ice maker
• Analyzing the system behaviour versus the variation of the temperature of feeding water and of ambient temperature
• Using the refrigerant pressure-enthalpy diagram for work and diagnosis: plotting the refrigeration cycle
• Data acquisition and calculation of:
- heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser,
- refrigerant mass fl ow
- ideal and actual EER
- volumetric compression effi ciency