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Add Hyperelastic, Elastoplastic, Viscoplastic, and Creep Material Models

The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module augments the mechanical capabilities of the Structural Mechanics Module and the MEMS Module with nonlinear material models, including large strain plastic deformation capabilities. When the mechanical stress in a structure becomes large, certain nonlinearities in the material properties force you to abandon linear material models. This situation also occurs in some operating conditions, such as high temperature. The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module adds elastoplastic, viscoplastic, creep, and hyperelastic material models.

User-defined material models based on stress or strain invariants, flow rules, and creep laws can easily be created directly in the user interface with the built-in constitutive laws as a starting point. You can both combine material models and include multiphysics effects. The tutorial models that accompany the module illustrate this by showcasing combined creep and plasticity, thermally induced creep and viscoplasticity, as well as orthotropic plasticity. The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module also has important applications where it is combined with the Fatigue Module and the Multibody Dynamics Module.

Additional Images:

  • A circular bar is subjected to a uniaxial tensile test, resulting in large deformations. The bar experiences large-scale necking and plastic deformation across its central cross-sectional region.
  • Fluid flow, pressure field, and von Mises stresses in a peristaltic pump. The fluid-structure interaction is caused by the roller squeezing the tubing’s walls. Large deformations, contact, and the hyperelastic behavior of the tubing material are considered. The simulation is provided courtesy of Nagi Elabbasi, Veryst Engineering.

Hyperelastic Plasticity and Viscoplasticity Creep
Arruda-Boyce Anand Coble
Blatz-Ko Kinematic Plastic Hardening Deviatoric
Damping Isotropic Plastic Hardening Garofalo (Hyperbolic Sine)
Gao Large Strain Plasticity Nabarro-Herring
Gent Orthotropic Hill Plasticity Norton
Large Strain Plasticity Perfectly Plastic Hardening Norton-Bailey
Mooney-Rivlin (two, five and nine parameters) Thermal Expansion Potential
Murnaghan Tresca Yield Criterion User-defined Creep
Neo-Hookean User-defined Plasticity Volumetric
Ogden von Mises Yield Criterion Weertman
St Venant-Kirchhoff    
Thermal Expansion    
User-defined Hyperelastic Material