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Light enough to carry- strong enough to travel!

The model SR-30 engine is now available in cut-away form. Your students will be able to follow a detailed flow path- from compressor inlet to thrust nozzle exit! Each component is hand crafted from actual engine components. The rotating assembly is mounted on ball bearings, which allows for clear and tactile demonstrations required of turbomachinery dynamics.

The SR-30 is comprised of an axial flow stage consisting of a super alloy cast nozzle vane guide ring and a high nickel content bladed disk (blisk) turbine wheel. It features a reverse flow annular combusion chamber and 6 high-pressure, return flow fuel atomizer nozzles. Detailed views of bearing components (including oil galleyways), rotating and stationary parts and combustion chamber geometry are also made clearly visible.  

The ATA approved flight case is lightweight yet extremely durable. This cut-away engine is designed to carry from classroom to classroom for years to come.