• Description

The HF2IS is the solution you require for dynamic and static impedance spectroscopy. Two differential measurement units with a wide frequency range and 4 dual-phase demodulators, are matched with the unprecedented precision of a 128-bit DSP engine. This permits to perform multi-frequency measurements with very high sensitivity and precise static impedance characterization combined in one fully-digital benchtop instrument. These capabilities satisfy the highest impedance measurement requirements of leading research laboratories.

HF2IS Key Features

2 measurement units with single-ended and differential operation
0.7 µHz - 50 MHz analog frequency range
210 MSa/s, 14 bit A/D conversion
4 frequencies simultaneously (8 with HF2IS-MF option)
2/3/4-terminal measurement configurations
Large range of demodulation filter settings
4x 1 MSa/s, 16 bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog output
2x 400 kSa/s, 16 bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog input
USB 2.0 high-speed host connection
Included graphical user interface, programing interfaces and data server

HF2IS Applications
Electrical impedance spectroscopy
Microfluidics for Bio-technology & bio-engineering
Semiconductor charactrization
Solar cells and organic LED (OLED)
Food quality control (meat, milk, vegetables)