• Description



Nett dimensions and weight:
540 x 330 x 140 mm, 5 kg
Packed dimensions and weight:
0.06 m3, 10 kg (approx – packed for export)
Summing junctions:
Four, each with three ‘+ve’ inputs and one ‘-ve’ input.
Three, each with variable gain
Proportional amplifiers:
Four, each with variable gain

PID block:
Parallel connected proportional, integral and derivative
block – each part has variable gain
Potentiometers and power supply:
• Four potentiometers for general-purpose applications,
such as adjusting the ‘set points’ or attenuating a signal
• +10 VDC, 0 V and –10 VDC power supply
Display and function generator:
Digital display of voltage measured (+/- 15 V) or frequency
of function generator. Function generator gives square,
sinusoidal or sawtooth signals at variable frequency. Signals
can be offset and amplitude adjusted.
Frequency range 0.01 to 100 Hz
Phase lead block:
One, with three settings

• Eight A-D inputs: ±10 V
• Four D-A outputs: ±10 V,
• USB connection to suitable computer
Other parts included:
Connecting cables